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Birth of the Empires, also known as "BotE", is a game being developed by a german speaking team, headed by Sir Pustekuchen. Sir Pustekuchen started his project in January 2004 and went public in August 2006. BotE is a downloadable game that was originally intended as a spiritual successor to Star Trek - Birth of the Federation.


Earth, 2121: Spaceflight coming nearer and the third world war was long in the past, the future looks bright again for mankind. The whole universe with all its fascinating worlds, lifeforms, species and anomalies lies ahead of each brave man and woman aboard their starships eager to find new life, a new home and contact to whatever civilization there may be outside Earth system, to explore the unexplored, to encounter the unencountered.

Game description

Take command of one race during the beginning stages of their empire, but beware, there is more than one way leading to victory and each time, mastering it will be different. It will likely change and you are challenged to keep the balance within the galaxy quadrant or seize galactic power for your race and thereby establish your own "balance" in the galaxy!

Homepage and Forum

You can visit our Homepage. There you can download the full version of BotE.


  • Up to 5 (will be 6 in the final version) playable races and 142 so-called "minor" races
  • Relatively large 2D galaxy map
  • TCP/IP LAN and internet multiplayer and singleplayer
  • AI with scalable difficulty levels, also with non-cheating level
  • Ship battles and invasions (no visualization yet which is in progress)
  • Complete empire management like planetary build-ups and resource trading
  • Diplomatic interactions like alliances, war pacts, trade agreements and bribing with all occuring species in-game
  • Runs on Win2k, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (all in 32 and 64bit) and on Linux using WINE,
  • Non-commercial, free for everyone

Ingame images (most from german version)


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